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What does “AADzign” mean?

The name “AADzign” is a contraction of the words “Architecture and Art” and “Design.”

AADzign is an architecture and design journal focused on technological advances, sustainability, and innovative design for the 21st Century. AADZING is a media company that researches about art, architecture and design, media is still the connective tissue of society, and compared to 2000, the internet has come a long way. during this time, creating a digital publication was still primarily the business of tech-savvy nerds, but online publishing has gone from something abstract to being a central element in how many of us live and work. The website is strategically marketed worldwide to appeal to architects as well as real estate developers/owners, investors, business managers, institutions, facility managers, government agencies, and the media.


AADzign was launched by Muhammad Houman Teimouri, AADzign was first created in 2015 by Muhammad Houman Teimouri on Facebook and later created the website in 2021 due to further development and ideas. The site has since become a premier online destination for students, architects, educators and progressive design enthusiasts.

AADZING promotes, discusses, talks, teaches and explores distinct facets of design(Fashion, Car, Jeweiry and…) digital art and technology that fosters to form architecture of a biological and ecological habitat.The company founded by Muhammad Houman Teimouri aims to unfold the world of Architecture through thought breaking design articles, interviews, workshops, podcasts and conferences published and screened through various online mediums.Today, over 20 online national platforms represent architects, landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, lighting designers, manufacturers, and architectural photographers.

Architects, interior designers, architecture and interior design offices, students and academics are members of our portal where they can create their. Architects and designers and students… from send us their latest projects, products, news, and opinions. Using innovative technologies, we collect, curate, and publish the best information on our ever-growing database of knowledge, delivering our platform to millions of readers in the world countries and regions.

35% of content comes from our reader submissions, which invites creatives and makers  regardless of place, position, prestige, religion, nationality, or gender  to communicate their work to a huge, international audience. another 35% of article, book, magazine our writing is based on in-house research, coverage of international exhibitions and fairs, interviews,Conversation and studio and manufacturer visits. the remaining 30% is following breaking news and the daily reception of press releases.

Our job

Our job is to improve the quality of life for the billions of people who will move into cities over the coming decades, by providing knowledge, tools, and inspiration for those who will meet the challenge of designing for them. AADzign aims to bring together professional and young creatives from a diverse range of backgrounds  from around the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines.


Our objective is to promote and discuss the most avant-garde ideas generated in schools and professional studios around the world. It is a medium to explore the reality and future of design with up-to-date news, events, and projects. featured news and inside reports to a community of architects, industrial designers, engineers, landscape architects, graphic designers, interior designers, press members, academics, and students interested in the industrial design field and the built urban environment and weekly newsletters in English, Persian.

Totalial aims

1 – Improving the level of public knowledge in the field of architecture and its impact on human life.

2 – Introduction of architects and their elected projects to people.

3 – Creating an informational, studies and educational source with easy access, quick and accurate to professors, students researchers.

4 – Sensitizing the society to the events and developments in architecture.

5 –  growth and development by expanding knowledge in the field of architecture by its positive influence on cultural, social, economic aspects

6 – Dissemination of constructive criticism Open space leading to the development architecture.

7 – Recognition of successful projects by Architects with the world’s architecture evolution to the students and informing them from.

8- Developing cultural relations at the international level and introducing Iranian culture and civilization by the language of architecture.

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