AADZIGN Department with the approach of developing and improving the quality level of students and those interested in this field and with the vision of becoming the most capable scientific center, a skill to train experts in various levels of design and implementation of the construction industry, committed to providing an effective and comprehensive education system This is the realization of this vision. AADZIGN department, taking into account the historical past, reviewing the current situation and future needs of the labor market and the architectural community, and with the approach of training skilled workers ready to enter the labor market and upgrade the quality level of construction industry training to create a suitable platform for training skilled, creative workers. Technical knowledge and skills in the field of construction industry.
In general, the capable and creative presence of an experienced architect causes all the spaces of a place to be designed and used in the best way and way, while it is mixed with taste and art. The purpose of AADZIGN in this architectural website is to increase the quality, quantity and optimization of the standard spaces of each building. In other words, with the help of an experienced architect and the education and training of architecture students, better quality buildings can be built for the people and the quality of life in the city, etc. can be improved and better space and places can be created in the city to increase the sense of belonging. in the city.

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