Osman Toma, Baghdadi artist creates unique paintings from melting ice cream

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Instead of using the typical watercolors to create his paintings, Baghdad-based artist Othman Toma uses all kinds of delicious, melting treats as his medium. While the chocolate ice cream bars and colorful popsicles begin to melt, Toma scoops up the liquid with his brushes and begins to paint.

The clever collection of work includes lions and tigers bursting from splatters, and minimalist portraits peeking out from the page. Toma is able to obtain an incredibly wide array of saturated colors without requiring very many materials. He simply has to go to the freezer! When photographing the piece, he includes the uneaten ice cream and his brushes as a part of the composition. In doing so, he offers his viewers a small glimpse into his process of transforming the food into beautiful artwork.

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