Current Position of Architecture by Hessam Eshghi Sanati

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There are various definitions of what architecture is: from metaphorical and short definitions such as “architecture; as the container of life” and “architecture; as the second human’s dress” to definitions that address the purpose, context, and creator of architecture.

definitions architecture

What is the purpose of architecture is usually defined in response to the physical and spiritual needs of the user (human) and in order to perfection him/her. The subject of the context of the architecture formation is related to the influence of external factors on the principle of architecture. In connection with the subject of the architecture creator, the insight, knowledge and skills of the work creator are considered as an effective factor in the final product.

What is the purpose of architecture

Studying the history of architecture, now that we are on the verge of reaching the final years of the first quarter of the twenty-first century, it seems; attitudes toward architecture as a service profession in the construction industry have simply changed. The thoughtful dimensions and cultural aspects of architecture, along with the architect’s social concerns and responsibilities, have given this knowledge-based discipline more depth. The notion and function of architecture as a form of knowledge should not be reduced to merely “responding to requirements”.

The importance of History of Architecture as a subject in Architecture college

Architectural History and Theory Timeline

Architecture as a discourse based on a theoretical framework must take a critical stance against the rigid ideologies of the past, and by challenging and breaking conventional rules can reach inexperienced horizons. Architecture now seems to be an attempt to change and evolve pre-existing realities.

Architecture as a discourse

Architecture as a discourse

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  • Houman Teimouri
    04/22/2022 4:17 PM

    In my opinion, with the advancement of technology and semantic sciences, it should update itself with modern science and solve the problems of the society in terms of environment, at least in the field of semantics and urban planning.


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