Waterfall House by Dick Clark in Austin

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Waterfall House designed by Dick Clark located in Austin

Project name: Waterfall House
Architect: Dick Clark
Location: Austin
Area: 700 m2
Year of construction: 2012

To achieve the ideal view… the house is subtly perched on a raised foundation and The main spaces in the house are located along the eastern elevation to have equal access to the skyline views.

A residence tucked away in the rolling hills of West Lake. This home is designed around the skyline to provide a seamless, panoramic view of Austin. Glass is a predominant feature, which extends from floor to ceiling wherever possible. This allow for a blurring of the lines between interior and exterior spaces. Features include a prominent stair, a spacious living room/kitchen, a covered terrace and infinity pool that all cater to the view.

Waterfall House by Dick Clark in Austin

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