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Artist collective Numen creates giant web installations from tape or string that are strung up in museums around the world for visitors to interact with.

Consisting of artists Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković, who live and work in Germany, Austria and Croatia, Numen has stretched ‘biomorphic skins’ of tape, as well as net webs made of string, across exhibitions spaces from Tokyo to Paris, inviting visitors to engage with the installation in an interactive and introspective experience.

Giant Spider Webs Woven From Tape and String Tokyo to Paris
Giant Spider Webs Woven From Tape and String Tokyo to Paris

In a statement about their work, the artists state, “The tendons of multiple layers of conventional transparent adhesive tape are firstly stretched in between a construction. The following continuous wrapping of tendons results in a complex, amorphous surface through the process reminiscent of growing of organic forms.”

Reference:, Giant Spider Web

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