Futuristic Dream Mansion in Singapore by A-DLAB

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Futuristic Sculptural Modern Mansion Overlooking The Greek Archipelago – Villa F presented yesterday broke boundaries in matter of residential architecture so as a result, today we are offering you a competitor for it, it`s entitled Andrew Road Residence, and despite the monotone name, the modern mansion ahead is much more dynamic then you would expect. It can be found in Singapore, a state full of dreams, this particular one being envisioned by A-Dlab.

Futuristic Dream Mansion in Singapore by A-DLAB

Andrew Rd Residence covers more then 650 square meters of dream home, each and every meter being treated in an extraordinary manner; the home has been completed this year, in 2013, striking viewers with its presence ever since. The pedestrian can notice the futuristic and dynamic shape of the modern mansion even from across the road but the true beauty and the correct aesthetic values can be read only once you enter the site and you realize why is the home designed the way it is.

Futuristic Dream Mansion in Singapore by A-DLAB

While the modern mansion`s privileged site overlooks the oldest reservoir in Singapore, MacRitchie Reservoir, it`s also near a highly busy and crowded road, an important aspect that shaped the whole design concept. To respond to the high level of noise at any given hour, the architects considered a rectangular space that tries to close up to the exterior only to open up in a central courtyard situated under the terrain level, courtyard meant to protect the inhabitants from unwanted phenomenons.

Futuristic Dream Mansion in Singapore by A-DLAB

As seen in the section plane the whole home finds calm and peace in the courtyard, everything being oriented towards it. As you would expect the home makes no sacrifices in the interior design, the black and white interior design and dark tones are predominant, here and there colorful accents have been used without disrupting the noble and elegant atmosphere.

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Photo, Plan, view, section, render, diagram and model of the project

What do you think about this futuristic modern mansion?
We love the dynamic shapes and green roof and we would love to hear your opinion!

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