Muhammad Houman Teimouri

Muhammad Houman Teimouri is an Iranian architect, entrepreneur, researcher. Since his graduation from architectural engineering, he has worked on multiple projects. My activity is in the field of architecture and design and social networks related to architecture design, parametric and digital architecture and sustainable architecture and urban planning. And I have been working in this field since 2015.

Early in 2015, he established the AADZIGN platform by starting it from facebook and later Instagram. And due to the expansion and pure ideas of architecture Early in 2022 and the introduction of Iranian theorists of architecture and architecture at the international level, I established and launched the architecture website

Architecture,Art Design also known as AADZIGN, has become a globally recognized platform about architecture and design (fashion, jewllery, car…) audience across the globe.

Muhammad Houman Teimouri is also founder of the AADTALKS, an educational organization powered by AADZIGN to spread the idea in architecture and design (fashion, jewllery, car…). He is the host at AAD TALKS interview series with architects.